Xtream Codes Shutdown.

Many IPTV Services Not Working

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After a police raid according to multiple reports, that included multiple countries Xtream Codes has been shutdown at this time. This is the platform that more than 90% of all IPTV (Ineternet Protocol Television) providers used to operate their streaming services.

Xtream Codes

The fascinating thing about Xtream Codes is that it does not host, provide or contain any copyrighted material. It is essentially just the platform provided for providers to use.

By shutting it down, not only are the targeted services affected negatively, but thousands of original providers that host their own content legally will be affected as well.

It seems that law enforcement feels that due to the fact that the use of the software is primarily for streaming channels that are not licensed properly, they are responsible. This will ultimately be decided in the EU courts.

Alternative Streaminy Overload

Since the IPTV providers themselves were not targeted, but the software platform was – all the providers must do is switch to another platform to get their services back up and running.

One of the services that many providers were initially jumping to was Streaminy. This was what looked like a quick fix, but was much more than Streaminy could handle.

Due to the high demand, their site was not able to handle the load of requests from hundreds if not thousands of providers and their site has seemed to of crashed and is currently in the process of mending itself.

Many providers have already abandoned the Streaminy idea and went with the new Xtream Codes the cracked edition.

IPTV Services Slowly Being Restored

IPTV services are starting to bounce back and return as a Xtream Codes cracked edition has been released and seems to be the cure for all the streamers and providers out there.

This process can take a day or two to complete, but once the move has been made, services will begin to come back online.

This isn’t the going to be the case for all providers, however, as some will decide to close shop. The more established services that have the will power will live on. I would expect the majority of services to be restored within the next week. If you are using a service that is down for more than that it is probably time to look for a new provider.

VPN Protection Is Now Highly Recommended

Now it is more crucial than ever before to protect yourself while online. With the tightened laws pertaining to streaming in many countries it is best to not take a chance.

I always recommend using a reliable VPN to hide your identity while online to prevent any trace of your online activities. IPVanish Vanish VPN is one of the most reputable and allows up to 10 simultaneous connections to insure you are always protected. To check out their current price click here.

Slowed Down, Not Shutdown

In closing you can see how this will only cause a few smaller IPTV services to throw in the towel while the bigger and more established ones will jump back.

This means this entire sting operation will only wound, not kill the IPTV business model and in the coming days you will once again be able to start streaming your favorite channels on your set-top box at home.

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